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John deere 2850 Straight pipe exhaust sound!!

Clearly goooood diffrence.

  • John Deere's Vehicles Farm Everything But Common Sense

    04/22/15 ,via Techgage

    Oh Deere, what the hell? It seems that the world's largest maker of agricultural equipment believes that because software drives its machines, it's the owner. You might have paid for it, but you better believe it: to John Deere , it's simply “implied

  • Coming to grips with Nissan's GT-R LM NISMO LM P1

    02/06/15 ,via Gizmag

    They push, they understeer, they plow like a John Deere come harvest time. Now, counter-intuitively, Nissan is taking on big And just to make it even more surreal, the exhaust vents from the turbos out the top of the engine cover right in front of

  • McLaren 675LT Supercar Revealed Ahead Of 2015 Geneva Motor Show

    02/04/15 ,via Motor Authority

    Two circular exhaust pipes, forged from titanium, exit centrally through exposed bodywork below the rear wing. A louvered carbon fiber rear bumper reduces air pressure over the rear wheels, while the rear design is completed with a dramatic integrated 

  • Watching the Packers (Barely, Controversially) Beat the Cowboys at Lambeau

    01/13/15 ,via Grantland

    Everywhere around us, smoke and steam rose: from tiny portable grills, from truck exhaust pipes, from the paper mills and factories in the middle distance. Between all the big, burly bodies idling around and the Packers' color scheme, the tailgates

Coming to grips with Nissan's GT-R LM NISMO LM P1 - Gizmag

Listening to the engineers and those on the inside of the project, it all makes a certain kind of engineering sense . to a point. Sure, on paper you can make a front-engined front-drive racecar, and, in theory, it will work. You can say that in much the same way you could say, sure, you can make a steam locomotive that can put a pound of bacon into orbit, and, in theory, it could work. Why would a seemingly rational mechanical engineer do something that seems certifiably nuts. If there is one immutable fact in the racing world, it is that rear wheel drive cars handle better. Front wheel drive cars, although offering advantages in terms of packaging and such, handle terribly. They push, they understeer, they plow like a John Deere come harvest time. Now, counter-intuitively, Nissan is taking on big time sportscar racing with a clean sheet of paper design that is seriously high tech, seriously powerful and seriously front-wheel drive. It is primarily powered by a V6, twin turbo petrol engine. Nissan had the option to go with diesel, a la Audi , but went with petrol due to performance gains, a la Toyota. Source:

Watching the Packers (Barely, Controversially) Beat the Cowboys at Lambeau - Grantland

And even if it had been, the idea that the Packers would have a major up-north advantage didn’t quite get it right: “Tony Romo’s from Wisconsin,” Green Bay’s A. J. Hawk pointed out on Friday. ” By the beginning of the second half, when Romo handed off the ball to star running back DeMarco Murray, Green Bay looked more like the team getting stuck. Murray noticed a gaping hole in the coverage and sprinted toward it. There seemed little doubt he’d break 59 yards down the field for a touchdown to give Dallas a 21-10 lead. (Not an insurmountable deficit, but an injured Aaron Rodgers had been visibly laboring all game, wincing and sailing throws and at one point having to skip rather than walk. ) But Packers defensive end Julius Peppers dove at Murray, dislodging the ball from his grip, and Green Bay recovered. A subsequent field goal made the score 14-13 instead. We had ourselves a game. It took three days for Tom Benning, alias Fan Man, and his buddy Chuck Miesfeld to drive from Green Bay to Dallas to watch the Packers play in Super Bowl XLV. A snowstorm dumped 20 inches across Oklahoma, and “GB Brat,” as the men’s big gold-and-green party RV is called, wasn’t exactly optimized to handle the conditions. Source:
John Deere 50 520 530 New Old Stock Aftermarket Exhaust Pipe Ar20582r Ar4638 Ebay Bid Last Second ↺RT, F 01/04/17, @youbiddernancy
  • John Deere two cylinder tractors

    ISBN: 1610606493,9781610606493.
  • John Deere snowmobiles

    McFarland. 2014. ISBN: 9781476613550,1476613559. 260 pages.

    Long respected as a manufacturer of solid agricultural machinery, began the John Deere Company in the 1960s to build a line of consumer products in a special factory in Horicon, Wisconsin. Starting with a lawn and Garden tractor in 1963, soon entered the fast-growing market for Deere snowmobile...

  • John Deere: a history of the tractor

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  • How to recover from the classic John Deere tractors

    ISBN: 1610604075,9781610604079.
  • 101 uses for an old John Deere

    ISBN: 1610603370,9781610603379.
  • John Deere’s Vehicles Farm Everything But Common Sense

    04/22/15 ,via Techgage

    Remember back in the day when you could swap out an exhaust pipe or replace the in-dash stereo and the vendor wouldn’t care as long as long as you’re driving a vehicle it had made? Apparently John Deere doesn’t share that mindset. Here’s a rather ...

  • The Chip Foose John Deere 4020 Hot Rod Tractor Sucks Grass

    03/04/10 ,via Jalopnik

    When you picture a tractor you're picturing the classic John Deere 4020 in iconic green-and-yellow ... "And you have to take the exhaust pipes off to service the left side battery." "AND there's no place for nose weights." "A tractor is a tool, its ...

  • John Deere

    10/10/11 ,via Complex

    "That guy is a genius,” JP, Sir Mix-a-Lot’s investment partner, says to me before planting himself side stage for the set that’s about to start. Mix, born Anthony Ray, is headlining the Heineken House at Coachella. Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got ...

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