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John Deere 70 lawn tractor fast

swapped pulley on the transmission from 3.75" to a 2". Went 5mph stock, this is uphill, goes 13 downhill and about 11mph flat.

  • Hennessey Offering 1000-HP Upgrade For 2015 Corvette Z06: Video

    11/24/14 ,via Motor Authority

    According to the tuner, up to 750 hp is possible with a pulley upgrade, new cylinder heads, a new intercooler and a new camshaft profile, as well as some fine-tuning of the ECU. However, to get upwards of 1,000 hp, Hennessey says it will need to

  • 2015 Jaguar F-Type, XF, XJ Recalled For Steering Failure, Fire Risk

    12/15/14 ,via Motor Authority

    Worse--or at least as bad--the cars are also being recalled due to the fact that the Front End Accessory Belt and/or Power Assist Steering pulley could come loose or detach, resulting in a loss of power steering assist, potentially causing a crash.

  • Hennessey Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Packs 623 HP, Tears Up Drag Strip: Video

    10/29/14 ,via Motor Authority

    Hennessy extracts this performance from the F-Type Coupe R, which is rated at 550 hp from the factory, with the aid of a custom tune, supercharger pulley upgrade, air intake system, upgraded intercooling, and more. There's also 568 lb-ft of torque on

  • John Deere A and B Models in spotlight

    10/02/14 ,via The Courier

    The two tractors proved popular as row-crop machines or for open field operations or belt-pulley work. John It is said that the post-war Standen Sugar Beet Harvesters were painted John Deere green and yellow because Standen had plenty of it in stock.

John Deere A and B Models in spotlight - The Courier

This led to their own design of tractor using the same twin-cylinder engine arrangement for their Model D in 1924. Later there was a need for a row-crop tractor in response to the arrival of International Harvester’s revolutionary Farmall range. This led to a model C tractor, which eventually evolved into the GP Model produced in many variations — including one aimed at potato growers. This led to the launch of a new tractor which was to be one of JD’s top machines for the next few years: the model A, first produced in 1934. The A was designed as a straight replacement for the GP and offered more power, better driver visibility,... It used a splined rear axle to facilitate easier wheel width changes. This straight up-and-down lift was not the same as Harry Ferguson’s three-point converging linkage that used draught forces for tractor adhesion. This lift allowed John Deere to market a matching range of row-crop implements for the tractor, and front, mid and rear-mounted tool bars could be fitted for a wide variety of crops and. Source:

Fascinating array of new innovations for Ploughing 2014 - Irish Farmers Journal

These are the listings for the Innovation Arena, which will be an important part of the Ploughing exhibits for 2014. . Nifty land cleaner. Phillip Ansell from Killakee Livery Yard, Killakee, Rathfarnham in Dublin 16 developed the Nifty Picker Land Cleaner as an effective, simple and affordable manure and debris collecting machine for all horse owners. It allows horse owners to collect and remove horse manure from your paddocks and fields, helping to keep your horses happy and your land cleaner, smoother and healthier too. Phillip found that when horse manure is left to accumulate in fields and paddocks, it can turn the pasture very sour. This manure is very detrimental to the health and wellbeing of your horses, due to the ongoing parasite cycle. All horses living in these conditions can quickly become ill due to serious worm burden. The pasture can become very uneven with clumps of grass growth and will provide a lower quality and value in the grass as a food source. Phillip claims that the new Nifty Picker helps to solve this problem and promotes healthier pasture and animal health. Source:
John Deere New Old Stock Generator Pulley for A.B,G Tractors B1030R 01/11/16, @cuellaraquiles
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    Krause Publications. 2004. ISBN: 9780873496742,0873496744. 464 pages.

    An illustrated identification and price guide for farm toys from the 1920 's to the present day.

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    2015. ISBN: 1610604229,9781610604222.
  • John Deere A and B Models in spotlight

    04/21/15 ,via The Courier

    The two tractors proved popular as row-crop machines or for open field operations or belt-pulley work ... Sugar Beet Harvesters were painted John Deere green and yellow because Standen had plenty of it in stock. Changes in JD thinking in 1937 saw a ...

  • Repower your JD swather

    11/03/05 ,via The Western Producter

    farmer and custom harvester, stopped in at Hallman’s to talk about his John Deere 2360 swather ... with the engine mounted crossways and everything belt-driven directly off a pulley on the flywheel. “This system gives you no flexibility at all as ...

  • Forward-thinking Reeves develops the Octoauto

    12/28/12 ,via Farm and Dairy

    There, he invented a variable speed drive that used two pulleys with sliding split sheaves, just like the ones used for the variable speed drive on the early John Deere garden tractors ... to take cattle to the Chicago Stock Yards,…my home was in ...