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well picked this up for cheap and cant complain runs great and mows great to, ill be painting this up soon enough, will have updates when I do.

  • S. June Smith Center, Excentia merge organizations

    08/23/13 ,via Lancaster Newspapers

    Facing a future of expected funding cuts, two local nonprofits are joining forces to weather the storm. S. June Smith Center and Excentia will merge into one organization Oct. 1, while still maintaining their individual identities, services and

  • Owner plans $7M expansion project at Intercourse Village Inn

    10/25/12 ,via Lancaster Newspapers

    The owners of the Intercourse Village Inn and Restaurant are planning a $7 million expansion project. (Dan Marschka / Staff). Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 11:07 pm | Updated: 11:41 pm, Thu Sep 12, 2013. Owner plans $7M expansion project at 

  • Two stores in Shops of Traintown to close

    02/08/13 ,via Lancaster Newspapers

    Two stores in the Shops at Traintown complex will be closing. (Photo courtesy of Choo Choo Barn). . Thomas' Trackside Station and Railroad Books & Videos are now conducting liquidation sales. (Photo Courtesy of 

S. June Smith Center, Excentia merge organizations - Lancaster Newspapers

"For the people both organizations serve, they will still be dealing with S. June Smith Center or Excentia," said Kenneth Harrison, executive director of S. June Smith Center, 600 Eden Road. No employees will be furloughed as a result of the merger, according to Jonathan Hollinger, CEO of Excentia. June Smith Center employs 65, while Excentia has 360 workers. Combined, the organizations serve about 2,500 people in Lancaster County. June Smith Center provides services to young children with developmental delays and disabilities. Excentia serves adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities. "By combining our organizations, we become the only organization based in Lancaster County that provides services for individuals with disabilities across the lifespan," Harrison and Hollinger wrote in a letter announcing the merger to supporters... June Smith Center and Excentia both have seen steep cuts in government funding in recent years, Hollinger said. "By merging, we can insulate ourselves from potential future cuts, since it's not likely we'll both see funding cuts at the same time," he said. Source:

Owner plans $7M expansion project at Intercourse Village Inn - Lancaster Newspapers

He hears industry experts predict an upturn for the tourism industry. So Thomas realizes that, if he was ever going to renovate and expand his Intercourse Village Inn, the ideal opportunity is now. "We just feel like the timing is perfect," Thomas said. For all those reasons, the inn this month launched a far-reaching project that will roughly double its size, at a cost exceeding $7 million. • Remodeling all existing 40 guest rooms while constructing 49 more, including some three-bed suites geared toward families. • Remodeling the existing 60-seat restaurant while expanding it with 40 more seats. • Adding an indoor pool, fitness room and meeting space. The Intercourse Village Inn opened in the mid 1960s at the busy intersection of Route 772 (Newport Road) and Queen Road, near Route 340. Other than the addition of the restaurant and "some small remodeling jobs" over the years, "it's pretty much... That will change, he said, as the property gets repositioned in an increasingly competitive industry. For instance, existing guest rooms will be totally overhauled, Thomas said. Source:
How To Change The Deck And Drive Belts On A John Deere RX75 Riding Mower with Taryl 10/14/17, @aml1959
  • Car and driver

  • Prairie farmer

  • Amstelveen farmer

  • Care and repair of lawn and garden tools

    1992. 257 pages.
  • The complete John Deere

    Crestline Publishing Company. 2015. ISBN: 9780760316818,0760316813. 160 pages.

    John Deere has been around for a century, synonymous with powered agriculture. Of its turn-of-the-century debut for contemporary world class tractors John Deere is the market leader in its field. This book provides a very illustrated overview of all the great John Deeres, including rare prototypes. Features:, detailed ...

  • John Deere Rx63 Rx73 Rx75 Sx75 Rx95 Sx95 Ridi

    02/25/15 ,via Issuu

    John Deere Rx63 Rx73 Rx75 Sx75 Rx95 Sx95 Ridi Follow Info Share Add to H Like BarbaraAndre a year ago Flag John Deere Rx63 Rx73 Rx75 Sx75 Rx95 Sx95 Ridi ...

  • 3 each PROMOW PRO SERIES 18" SINGLE GANG REEL MOWER NEW For Sale - New and Used

    04/20/15 ,via Pet Peoples Place

    Ideal for home owners and cutting applications with in the 1 ½”- 2 ½” height. This reel used on all Pro Series Gang mowers. Weight 32# John Deere Rx75 Front Tire And Spindle John Deere Rx75 Front Tire And Spindle

  • Rock thieves strike Bellevue Park

    10/08/09 ,via Sault Star

    The males fled in a light-coloured minivan. Officers searched the area but were unable to locate it. A someone took a John Deere RX75 riding lawn tractor from a yard on Prentice Avenue overnight Tuesday. A thief nabbed a BlackBerry Pearl from an office at ...

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