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94" series 2 stacking root rake 741 john deere loader

The series II stacking rake is designed similar to the series I except it's 70% larger allowing it to fit 80 h.p.- 150 h.p. Tractors The long curved teeth make stacking, ...

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    My dozer unloading a root rake

    Photo by Donnie Ray on Flickr

  • State of the Lawn? It looks like a New Jersey landfill

    04/30/15 ,via Quad-Cities Online

    Because I did not rake around the maple trees before winter came, a few -- and by "a few," I mean, "a thousand or two" -- maple seedlings have taken root in front of my house. Given time and negligence -- commodities that are generally in great supply

  • Revamp Your Lawn for Under $100

    03/13/15 ,via U.S. News & World Report

    Mark Schmidt, principal scientist at lawn tractor company John Deere , says you should only be cutting about one-third of the grass blade. "Shorter clippings break down more easily, allowing some of the natural nitrogen to return to the soil," Schmidt says.

  • Indiana's RFRA—and the Response—Is All About the Signaling

    03/30/15 ,via Reason (blog)

    Gov. Pence (unshown: semaphore flags) ABC NewsThere's absolutely no likelihood that any significant number of Indiana businesses are just waiting for an excuse to discriminate against gay people. The state itself doesn't have sexual orientation on its 

  • Jeff Lowenfels: Let the 'no rake' movement begin!

    10/03/14 ,via Alaska Dispatch

    After all, when was the last time you fertilized your trees or your bushes? Again, even though I am not a betting man, I wager you probably never have. It's their own leaves that provide the nutrient base for the soil food web around their roots that

Revamp Your Lawn for Under $100 - U.S. News & World Report

If you're a homeowner and live where the seasons are distinct, you're probably considering the state of your lawn just about now. Your brown, patchy, weed-ravaged, balding lawn that once upon a time glistened like an emerald. Fortunately, getting your lawn its green groove back doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor. You can hire an expensive lawn service or spill a lot of cash on a new mower. But you don't have to. These five essential lawn improvement steps can be done on the cheap – for well under $100. Pick up dead grass. If you aren't ready to mow yet, but you want to get started working on your lawn, this is one step you can take now. Picking up dead grass may not exactly be fun, but you'll get exercise. It will also help your lawn, according to Craig Jenkins-Sutton, co-owner of Topiarius, a landscape design, build and maintenance firm in Chicago. "If the area is small, use a steel rake to remove the grass in the dead area to lightly scratch the soil to loosen it up," he says. Not only is this also good exercise , but you can improve your lawn if you wear the right. Source:

Jeff Lowenfels: Let the 'no rake' movement begin! - Alaska Dispatch

I realize that these are shaky times to be writing about lawns (sorry, after a 6. 2, I can’t help myself). It might snow in between the time I submit this column and when it’s published. ) If it does snow, half of Southcentral and all of the Interior will blame me for it. Anyhow, assuming it hasn't snowed, go out and look at your lawn right now. I am betting that yours is a green lawn. Not just a green lawn but a pretty, golf-course-quality green lawn, just like you want it to be when the snow melts in the spring. How did that happen. Oh, sure, for many of you it is a result of actually spending a lot of money and time laying down fertilizers, but for a growing number of Alaskans, the green lawn happened because the lawn clippings were not collected and fall leaves were mulched... I grew up on an eight-acre lawn and those of you who remember my earliest columns know that my father’s obsession for a weed-free, deep green lawn was passed on to me. His lawn was the envy of a very, very lawn-centric East Coast bedroom community... Sometimes, however, a lawn is too big to fertilize with MiracleGro. Source:
84" Faver Skid Steer Root Rake Grapple Buckets Loader Attachment - John Deere 10/30/17, @cruises_greek
  • Erosion control equipment catalog

    1980. 198 pages.
  • John Deere 52 Back yard landscaping projects

    Creative Publishing International. 2015. ISBN: 9781589233638,1589233638. 224 pages.

    The second in a series of John Deere books published by kade, is John Deere 52 backyard Landscaping projects the perfect companion and follow-up of John Deere Landscaping and lawn care. Once the homeowners have a grasp on what they need to do to their garden and when the need for it to do. ..

  • TPA

  • Popular Mechanics

    1986. 174 pages.

    Popular Mechanics inspires, instructs and influences of readers to help them master the modern world. Whether it's practical DIY home-improvement, gadgets and digital technology, information about latest cars or the latest breakthroughs in science--is PM the ultimate guide to our high-tech ...

  • California farmer

  • $100,000 tractor recovered; officials seek suspect in theft

    05/14/11 ,via Ocala StarBanner

    While searching for the John Deere model 6420 valued at $100,000, which had been equipped with a front end loader and a root rake with a CX 15 Batwing mower, Deputy James Hammond spotted the tractor near the Marion and Levy county lines, but the mower deck ...

  • Auction Results for John Deere 700H LT Crawler Dozers

    JOHN DEERE 700HLT CRAWLER TRACTOR, S/N HX942985, 6 WAY BLADE W/ROOT RAKE, 22" SBG, ECAB W/AIR, SWEEPS & SCREENS, METER READING 4,150 HRS Auction: JM Wood at Montgomery on 2012-09-13 Click here for full listing for JOHN DEERE 700H LT JOHN DEERE 700H LT for ...

  • Jeff Lowenfels: Let the 'no rake' movement begin!

    10/03/14 ,via Anchorage Daily News

    These work their way into the root area, where the microbes and other soil animals are doing their things. It's a lawn that is so nice it has been featured in John Deere ’s lawn magazine, not because of me but because of the soil food web I let live there.