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1000 AR31946 John Deere Brake Valve Overhaul Kit 2510 2520 3010 3020 4000 4010 4020 +

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  • More options, models now available in John Deere 6 tractor lineup

    04/02/15 ,via Beef Magazine

    In an effort to offer a wider range of horsepower, frame sizes, transmissions, hydraulics and other options, John Deere has expanded its lineup of 6M and 6R Series Tractors for model year 2015. "Our objective is to continually expand our tractor line

  • Simplified Controls Increase Backhoe Productivity

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    Caterpillar also offers four-wheel braking at the touch of a button. Auto Stabilizer “The integration of the operator interface with improved ergonomic design into the machine controls has evolved substantially over the past decade,” says Brian

  • John Deere expands 6 Family Tractor line

    04/06/15 ,via Prairie Star

    OLATHE, KANSAS (April 1, 2015) – John Deere has expanded its lineup of 6M and 6R Series Tractors for model year 2015 to offer producers a wider range of horsepower, frame sizes, transmissions, hydraulics and other options. "Our objective is to

  • Details about John Deere Brake Valve Assembly for 4010 4020 R31453
    Details about John Deere Brake Valve Assembly for 4010 4020 R31453
    Image by
  • Brake Valve, Fittings And Hoses ( - 8000)
    Brake Valve, Fittings And Hoses ( - 8000)
    Image by
  • AR31946-John-Deere-Brake-Valve-Overhaul-Kit-2510-2520-3010-3020-4000 ...
    AR31946-John-Deere-Brake-Valve-Overhaul-Kit-2510-2520-3010-3020-4000 ...
    Image by

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The Programmable Wheel Loader: How the Caterpillar 938K transforms from ... - Equipment World Magazine

Have you ever operated a wheel loader that was perfect in some applications, but less than ideal in others. Imagine if you could simply program the machine to operate one way in the morning, then just tap out a few choices on the in-cab monitor and have it react with a completely different feel that afternoon. That was the goal behind the development of the Caterpillar 938K wheel loader. Scott Britton, product application specialist, likes to refer to this capability as changing the “personality” of the machine. Choose how it feels When the K series 938 wheel loaders were introduced in 2012 the loader drivetrain operated with a feel between a traditional hydrostatic drive and a powershift transmission. In early 2014 they offered an in cab programmable choice between a hystat operating mode or a mode that gave the machine the same feel and response as a torque converter model. Even though the machine is hydrostatic, meaning there was no torque converter mediating power between the engine and the driveline, the default mode was “torque. Source:
1966 John Deere 4020 diesel tractor brake valve please retweet 11/03/17, @harleypartsman7
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  • John Deere Tractor Data Book: two-cylinder models to 1960

    ISBN: 1610606485,9781610606486.
  • John Deere 2040 A

    03/05/15 ,via Landwirt

    This used standard tractor John Deere 2040 A, year 1982 ... pressureless reverse motion, hydraulic brake valve, cabin, air cushioned seat, synchronous transmission.

  • MICO earns partner-level status from John Deere

    05/12/11 ,via Equipment World

    MICO is a supplier of hydraulic brake valves and controls to John Deere ’s construction and forestry operation in Davenport, Iowa, and to John Deere’s agriculture operation in Waterloo, Iowa. Suppliers who participate in the Achieving Excellence program ...

  • New John Deere Combines for Europe

    07/15/11 ,via Stackyard

    These high-pressure common rail (HPCR) engines are equipped with two in-series turbochargers for higher boost pressures, a four-valve cylinder head for enhanced airflow, electronic engine control and an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. John Deere ...

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