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John Deere 140 and 318 garden tractors

I got the 318 last May and have been working slowly on that, I think it's finally finished. I took it totally apart and replaced hydraulic hoses, fuel hoses, rebuilt the ...

  • Working the Land and the Data

    11/30/14 ,via New York Times

    Where his great-great-grandfather hitched a mule, “we've got sensors on the combine, GPS data from satellites, cellular modems on self-driving tractors, apps for irrigation on iPhones,” he said. From a self-driving John Deere combine, Ernie

  • Munson: Who 'grew up country'? Iowa has a day for you

    03/11/15 ,via

    She was raised on a 180-acre dairy farm in Jackson County in northeast Iowa. From age 10 she hit the barn at 5 a.m. daily to heave 5-gallon milk buckets, pouring them into the bulk tank as her parents tended to the cows. He grew up in Winnebago County 

  • Sebewaing council discusses ordinances

    03/07/15 ,via Huron Daily Tribune

    In other business during recent meetings, the council approved the purchase of a Kawasaki Mule utility vehicle from Reinhold Sales for $10,000. This will be for the Light and Water Department. The council also OK'd the purchase of 1575 John Deere

  • The Sugar Shack is Pasco's sweet spot

    02/06/15 ,via

    Near The Syrup Shack, on the northern edge of the museum's property, stands an ancient mule-driven cane mill designed by the Chattanooga Plow Co. There is another cane mill behind the shack, one that is powered by a 1930s John Deere tractor. A row of 

Sebewaing council discusses ordinances - Huron Daily Tribune

As proposed by the Ordinance Committee, the ORV ordinance states an ORV may be operated on a road in the village at a speed of no more than 25 miles per hour or a lower posted ORV speed limit. in a manner which does not interfere with traffic on the road. traveling single file except when overtaking and passing another ORV. while displaying a lighted headlight and lighted taillight at all hours. while the ORV is equipped with a spark arrester-type muffler in good working order, pursuant to noise emission standards defined by law. The operator and each passenger must wear a crash helmet and protective eyewear unless the vehicle is equipped with a roof that meets standards for a crash helmet and the operator and each passenger is wearing a properly adjusted and fastened seat... On a golf cart, any person aged 16 or under must wear a seat belt. An ORV may not be operated on any state highway, such as M-25. The following types of vehicles fall under the definition of ORV for the purpose of this ordinance: a multi-track/multi-wheel. Source:

GOP Rallies Around Arkansas Lawmaker Who Gave Away Adopted Daughters - Daily Beast

— From coffee shops in rural Arkansas to the state capitol, Arkansans cannot stop talking about Republican state Rep. Justin Harris. The saga of Harris began with him and his wife adopting two girls in the state’s care. Then they subsequently “rehomed,” or gave them, to another family—the Francises—because the girls had severe behavioral issues. Both girls had previously been sexually abused in their birth family. Ultimately, one of the girls was sexually molested by Eric Cameron Francis, who had previously worked for Harris at the preschool he owned called Growing God’s Kingdom Inc. Last week, The Arkansas Times broke the story , which continues to unravel. This week it came to light that Harris, who was first elected to office in 2010, also believed, according to sources interviewed by the newspaper, that one of the girls was possessed by demons and capable of communicating telepathically with her... As a result, he had a “specialist” perform an exorcism to rid the girl of any evil spirits. Asa Hutchinson and the first time since Reconstruction that. Source:
NOS John Deere 316 318 330 38" Mower Deck Mule Drive Draft Plate Hardware Kit 08/17/16, @findnicedeals6
  • Fed by God in the womb of time

    AuthorHouse. 2010. ISBN: 1452033196,9781452033198.

    God placed many parallels to the spiritual realm in the physical universe so that the human brain could get an idea of the world that exists beyond the capacity of the human brain. Such a parallel is the development of a baby in a mother's womb.

  • John Deere two-cylinder Tractor buyer's Guide

    ISBN: 1610604296,9781610604291.
  • God's purpose for every woman

    Harvest House Publishers. 2015. ISBN: 9780736920643,0736920641. 367 pages.

    Proverbs 31 ministries touches the lives of 140,000 women daily with their popular online subscription devotions. Ministry President Mark Lysa and dedication senior editor Rachel Olsen present this collection of heartfelt, insightful meditations selected to empower women completely ...

  • Stories of Swedeland

    AuthorHouse. 2015. ISBN: 9781425937911,1425937918. 344 pages.

    It is intended to stimulate orgasm chemistry and all citizens of the United States and citizens of the world to think provoking!!! "WE MUST BE SMART AS SNAKES BUT HARMLESS AS doves (Matthew 10, 17)". We must go back to our roots. We have to look for the truth and we should strive to real happiness ...

  • Toy farm tractors

    ISBN: 1610605543,9781610605540.
  • John Deere 38" SNOWTHROWER

    04/26/15 ,via Farms

    Type: Lawn & Garden and Commercial Mowing , On the lot now. Fits older John Deere 100 series,160,165,170,175,180, John Deere 38" Front Mount Snowblower, mule drive is missing. Price: $500 Stock # 0094358, and 185 lawn tractors

  • 2009 2009 KAWASAKI MULE 4010 4X4

    10/02/14 ,via Louisiana Sportsman

    Each store offers a full line of John Deere equipment--from four-wheel drive tractors to lawn mowers, and every product in between. I got a yamaha 90 and it runs like a champ. $800. Call or text (985)992-6517 if interested... Good condition, runs and rides ...

  • The Hydrostatic Revolution: How crawler dozers became infinitely more versatile when stripped of their gears (VIDEO)

    10/21/14 ,via Equipment World

    In just 10 years, hydrostatic transmissions have come to dominate dozers in the under-130 horsepower class. That combined with GPS machine control have turned what was once a bucking mule of a machine ... Dressta. John Deere has been at the vanguard ...

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